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We've been in business for over 15 years. Insulating homes and business in the heartland at an affordable rate.

Insulaton is often an unsung hero of many construction jobs, but we're happy to fill that role. We work along side construction crews and bring a customized approach to suiting our clients' insulation needs.

Everyone at K&F values a hard day’s work, and we strive to provide honest, expert solutions to your every need. No matter the size of your project, we can guarantee a skilled and personal approach to help you live your most efficient and comfortable life.

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For New Construction

We arrange a meeting with the general contractor. We establish the needs and the budget of the homeowner and work with the schedule to insulate it. Our goals are to insulate the structure in a way that it will never need to be re-insulated.

For Re-Insulation

Our team meets at the property and takes an assessment of the thermal envelope. We can find the inefficiencies in the property and explores the best options to solve the problem. Our packages are typically a combination of different insulation types to suit the different needs in different spaces.

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Benefits of Insulating Your Home

And perks of various insulation types

Sound Dampening

Insulation for internal walls especially between floors can help absorb sound and reduce echoes.

Structural Integrity

Add additional security to the framework of your home, garage or structure with closed cell foam insulation.

Fire Resistance

Having insulation that is specifically treated to resist fire is a large selling point for many family homes. Cellulose is treated with fire retardant additives. Blowing insulation fells tightly around electrical boxes where traditional sheets leave gaps where fire can spread.

Environmentally Friendly

We have insulation options that are made from 100% recycled material. Cellulose is our fully sustainable product, for you.

Cost Efficient

Cost is always a factor when deciding to insulate your home. At K&F Insulation, we can give you a customized package that will insulate your entire house at the price point. 9 out-of 10 times the money you save on utilities more than makes up for the cost of re-insulating.


Allergens travel through moisture in the air. Insulation helps filter our moisture and vapor in the air and in turn reduces allergen and cuts down on the collection of moisture and fights mold.

Gap Sealer

Blown and sprayed insulation does a more thorough job of filling air gaps in construction. Foam even expands to seal off air pockets that could trap vapor and moisture.


Our variety of products let's you achieve your desired R-rating regardless of what you decide to use. We ensure our installation is ample coverage to make your property more energy efficient.

Is One Layer Enough?

Each type of insulation has it's pro's and con's. For example, Fiberglass bats are low cost but less energy efficient. Some jobs simply need two layers. The combination of two types of insulation help cancel out each other's shortcomings for maximum insulation.

Closed Cell Foam

A layer of this foam can provide deeper support for a building but it is not flame retardant.

  • High R-rating
  • Structural Integrity


Cellulose counters foam nicely because it is both flame retardant and sound dampening.

  • Sound Dampening
  • Cost Efficient
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