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We've proudly served the heartland area for over 15 years.

We're very satisfied with the spray foam insulation. It was very professionally installed and in an extremely neat fashion. The price was fair and the service was excellent!

- Larry and Gloria Vaughn
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Why Insulate

And modern issues with old insulation

In the past, fiberglass insulation was the end all be all of home or commercial insulation. Unfortunately, through the years, fiberglass is known to shift, settle, and deteriorate, leaving your home - and wallet! - a leaky mess. However, insulation technology has come a long way in recent decades, and it's never been easier to create an energy efficient, evenly conditioned, comfortable living space for years to come. We can help!

We can help you
  • Reduce your monthly utility costs.
  • Make your home energy efficient.
  • Team up with your utility company to offer huge rebates
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Today's Insulation Options

K&F offers customized plans to ensure the highest efficiency at a price that suites your budget. We use a combination of the following insulation types.


Classic, Cost Effective, Sound Deadening


Sound deadening & 100% sustainable material made completely from recycled newspaper.

Open-Cell Foam

High Efficiency Sprayed Foam that fill gaps and fights mold.

Closed-Cell Foam

The highest efficiency sprayed foam that expands into gaps, great for walls, corners, and open concrete.

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Are You Utilities Too High?

Is Your Home Getting Too Hot?

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